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Snorkelling in Gran Canaria

Snorkelling enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice when enjoying their favourite sport on Gran Canaria. The island’s volcanic origins are readily apparent in its cliffs, crevices, arches, and underwater caves. Its sandy seabed is also teeming with an amazing variety of marine life and beauty that will undoubtedly be a source of delight. We’ll pick you up in a company van or car at the time and pick-up point confirmed in advance. We’ll travel from the coast to the activity venue on inflatable speedboats. Before getting in the water, we’ll register the participants, give a briefing, and distribute the equipment. The activity takes approximately 40 minutes in the water. During this time, you’ll discover plenty of things about marine life. The activity is suitable for people with no medical issues aged 8 years and over, and it goes without saying that they must know how to swim. There’s a medical questionnaire to fill in during registration to find out whether they can take part in the activity. When booking, you must provide information such as height, weight, and shoe size.


Transfer from the hotel to the venue for the activity, instructor, and necessary equipment

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