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Teide and Orotova – North

Departure from the port in the direction of the town of Orotava to visit the Old Town (Town Hall Square, Casa del Turista, etc.). From there, and through the Monte de La Orotava, we’ll head towards Teide National Park, while stopping at the most important viewpoints. Once inside the park, we’ll go directly to the cable car, which the customer can choose to ride (optional). The time spent at the viewpoints of the top station is approximately one hour. Those who decide not to go up will visit Teide National Park, where they can admire the majestic volcano that stands 3,718 metres tall (considered the third-highest volcano in the world’s oceanic islands), as well as the spectacular shapes that the orography of the volcanic terrain has left behind over time. All of this is framed by a cirque of nearly vertical walls that reveal the presence of a gigantic crater 17 km in diameter. Once the visit to the National Park is over and the customers who went up the cable car have been picked up, there will be free time for lunch (not included). The return will be through the Cordillera Dorsal mountain range down the Montes de La Esperanza from where you can enjoy a marvellous view of the Orotava Valley. Warm clothing is recommended.


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